What is Laser Lipo?: Laser lipo is an invasive cosmetic procedure in which a laser is used to melt the extra fat under the skin. It is also known as laser lipolysis. This fat reduction procedure has very minimal downtime and a short recovery period. Laser liposuction removes fat from the stomach, upper thighs, chin, upper arms, and flanks. However, this is a minor surgical procedure, but it carries almost the same side effects and risks as traditional liposuction has, but its results are immediate.

How is it done?

In laser lipo, laser mainly works with heat that helps to liquefy the fat cells. The ultrasonic pulse is used to accomplish this liquefaction process. A laser device is mounted in the middle of the vacuum chamber, generating the ultrasonic pulse. This device creates a vacuum that allows these liquefied fat cells to be sucked up into this vacuum chamber. However, the blood and tissues remain undisturbed during this procedure.

Pros and Cons of Laser Lipo

Pros of Laser Liposuction

Laser Lipo comes with plenty of benefits like smoother skin, fast recovery, and customized treatment. Here’s why people seek out laser lipo:

Reduces Sagging Skin

Laser lipo helps promote collagen production, a protein found in our skin, and allows it to appear tight. Sagging skin may be left behind when you go for traditional liposuction body contouring when the fat cells are liquefied. You will get more toned and sculpted areas and a more contoured appearance than conventional liposuction with laser lipo.

No Surgery Necessary

Unlike, traditional lipo there is no surgery required. It is a minimally-invasive procedure in which small incision. Local anesthesia can be used. Most people can return to work in just three to four days, but results may vary.

Fast Recovery

Its recovery time is fast because it is a non-surgical procedure. Pain, bruising, and swelling are also minimal after the treatment. Some people might notice that their skin is tighter after this procedure due to the laser treatment promoting collagen production.

Cons of Laser lipo:

Inadequate for treating large areas

This minimally invasive procedure may not be adequate for treating larger body areas. The flexible and thin laser fiber cannula is used in this procedure. So it is hard to perceive the exact depth of the fat tissues. In addition, thermal injury is also a risk in the laser lip that increases the procedural time.

It is not a guaranteed way to get rid of extra fat:

This liposuction procedure is not assumed to be a guaranteed way of getting rid of excess fat, especially if your surgeon doesn’t use the ultrasonic pulses effectively. Some cosmetic surgeons use a larger laser that will not give the good amount of ultrasonic energy required for fat liquefaction.

Bottom Line:

Laser lipo is considered the most reliable procedure when it comes to achieving the desired figure. If you’re thinking of having laser liposuction Body Contouring, it is essential to do in-depth research and read all the necessary information about this procedure. It is a great way to remove unwanted fat deposits from your body, but it does not guarantee seamless results.

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