Teeth Whitening

Your teeth stains are all but inevitable. Staining can be caused by aging, wine, food, coffee and smoking. Most people will experience some tooth dicoloration in thier lifetime. Professional Teeth Whitening can help you prevent and erase your de-coloration. 

Teeth Whitening has become on of the top performed cosmetic dentistry procedure. Effective, more confortable and safer with less aggravating than in-store bought whitening kits.

If you feel uncomfortable with your tooth stained appearance, K’s Lash and More Beauty Bar is ready to show you options in teeth whitening.

We welcome teeth whitening patients living in Buckley, WA, and surrounding areas.

Teeth Whitening

Can Yellow Teeth be Whitened?

Yes, professional laser treatment can help tooth discoloration. Using bleaching products and the oral laser, you can have white teeth again.

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Two Types of Tooth Stains

Tooth stains are broken into two different types: 

  • Extrinsic (Stains above the enamel)
  • Intrinsic (Stains below the enamel)Lifestyle choices include drinking coffee, sodas, tobacco use, inadequate brushing of your teeth, and not seeing the dentist as recommended. Surface stains can be lightened by professional cleaning, or at least to an extent. This type falls under the Extrinsic type.
 Topical Tooth Whitening Addresses Extrinsic Staining.

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine will help remove surface tooth staining. As mentioned above, habits like a daily coffee, soda, tea consumption, or smoking may render any at-home efforts you may be making. If you are a smoker, we cannot stress the importance of quitting – not just for keeping your teeth whiter but for the health of your tongue and gums. Oral cancer and gum disease are found more in smokers. Tobacco can also put you at a higher risk for tooth decay, persistent halitosis, and chronic dry mouth.

Intrinsic Stains

The aging process may be the result of intrinsic stains. They can also come from external factors such as too much fluoride in water and chemicals in mouthwashes. Because these work their way to below the name of the teeth, these stains may not respond to teeth whitening.