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Waxing for Men

Men waxing, also known as “Manscaping,” is just as crucial that men also take pride and care in their grooming habits as women. Some men are nervous about having this done. It’s not that bad. It may be a little smart, but the outcome is rewarding. Want to avoid razor burns? We offer Sugar Waxing which is better for hair removal and your skin and a less painful waxing experience. Sugar Waxing is a centuries-old technique and formula from Egypt. Call us today for details, or set up an appointment now. You will not be disappointed.

Sugar Waxing Men

Benefits of Sugaring

  • 100% Natural, food-grade, and biodegradable.
  • Applied at body temperature and will NOT BURN the skin.
  • 100% sanitary, sugar does not breed bacteria.
  • It doesn’t adhere to live skin cells.
  • Minimal irritation because the hairs are removed from the follicle in the direction that it grows.
  • Can remove at 1/16″.
  • Less likely to get an ingrown hair.
  • Last longer and leads to permanency.
  • Skin feels soft, smooth, and comfortable.
Man Wax After Shot


Full Back
1/2 Back
Full Chest
1/2 Chest
Full Arms
1/2 Arms
Full Leg
1/2 Leg

$80 / *$60

*Maintenance every 5 weeks


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