Eyelash Extension Maintenance: Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular and recent innovations in the beauty world. Flawless big lashes make your eyes pop out beautifully – who doesn’t want that, right?

However, while the eyelash extensions look pretty, they also come at a price. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you take good care of them and not let your money go down the drain.

If you plan on getting an eyelash extension but are confused about the after-care, then worry not because we have covered you. The article below covers some of the essential after-cares you should know about eyelash extensions. So, hop on below.

Impactful Tips for Taking Care of your Eyelashes

While hair extensions have been a part of the fashion world for a long time, fake eyelashes have recently made their way through. However, no matter how recent this innovation in the beauty industry is, it has undoubtedly taken it by a massive storm.

Many women, girls, and people of all genders look into getting eyelash extensions to get the flawless looks they aim to reach. However, while beautiful, these extensions require immense after-care to last a long time with you. The points below will help you understand what to do with post-lash extensions.

Avoid Water Exposure During the First 4 Hours

Once you have gotten an eyelash extension procedure done, it is advisable to wait at least 4 hours before you expose your face or, particularly, the new lash extension to water.

The adhesive to attach your extensions to your natural eyelash is fresh during the first four hours. Hence exposure to water or steam during this period can weaken the binding force and cause your lashes to fall prematurely.

Cleanse your Eyelashes Daily

Once your 4 hours period is over, you cannot only expose your face to water and steam, but it is also advisable to cleanse your eyelashes.

It is not necessarily mean that you have to immediately expose your face to water once the four-hour clock ticks down, but what we mean to say is to cleanse your eyelashes daily.

Like washing or cleaning your face every day removes dirt or impurities, cleansing your eyelashes would remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants from your lashes too!

Brush your Lashes Every Day

Spoolie Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush

Now that you have gotten an eyelash extension, it would be time to add one more step into your everyday morning routine: combing your new lashes.

Use a tiny Spoolie eyelash brush to comb through your eyelash extensions at least once daily. Doing this would ensure that your eyelashes do not clump together and remain tangle free.

Following this step becomes essential if you have gotten the volume lash extensions. Volume lashes are more prone to clumping or tangling than any other.

Don’t Sleep on your Stomach

Not sleeping on your stomach might be one of the most challenging after-care steps to maintain, but if you sleep on your stomach and recently got an eyelash extension, it’s time you change your sleeping positions. Why?

Sleeping on the stomach would cause friction between the pillowcase and your eyelashes which eventually can cause it to tear off or get damaged. While it might be a challenging step, it is not impossible. 

Moreover, switching from cotton pillowcases to silk ones would also help to increase the lifespan of your lashes by a considerable margin.

No Water Proof Makeup

It’s time you say goodbye to your waterproof mascara and keep your tears at bay because with eyelash extensions using waterproof makeup isn’t advisable.

While the no waterproof makeup policy isn’t something everyone implements religiously, it is a tip we’d advise you to consider thoroughly. Why is that?

Waterproof makeup is tricky to take off, and we all know how religiously one has to rub for waterproof mascara to come off.

This rigorous rubbing will only cause tangling on your eyelashes and damage them, causing them to fall prematurely.

Hence, remove waterproof makeup with care or stop using it entirely with eyelash extensions.

Avoid Cosmetics with Oil

Several makeup brands use different oils in the production of their makeup products. While using such products on your natural lash line or lashes is advisable, using it on an eyelash extension might not hold the same case.

 Oil from the lash extensions holds a dense and thick property that cannot only seep in between your natural lashes and extension bondage but also weaken its adhesive. 

Moreover, oily makeup is bound to stay more rigidly on the face, and removing them can be challenging. So, not only will the oil seep through and ruin your extension bondage, but rigorously rubbing it off would also make your eyelash extensions fall off prematurely.

Hence, it is better to avoid cosmetics with oil and all costs and use oil-free and waterproof ones.

Regular Refills are more Economical than a Full Set.

The standard age for an average eyelash extension is about 5 to 8 weeks. Many extensions begin to fall off during their ending stage, and your eyelashes look empty and small from specific points.

It’s recommended that this time be the best time to refill your lashes instead of waiting for them to come off and then getting a complete set. While regular refills might cost you a lot more, they cost three times less than a full set if you do the math.

From a financial point of view, refills every three to four weeks are your best bet if you want to save money but still want gorgeous extensions.


Eyelash extensions look beautiful, and when spending money, everyone wants their eyelashes to last a long time. If you are someone in the same boat, following the tips mentioned above would help ensure that your lashes last a long time easily. I hope you find them helpful! Always talk to your Eyelash Technician at K’s Lash and More Beauty Bar about what they recommend the most because things change from time to time.

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