History of Mascara and Eyelashes

We all love long and thick eyelashes, and we use the best mascaras out there so we can achieve our dreamy long lashes. Mascaras are our go-to thing to get long and dark lashes nowadays, and there are thousands of mascaras out there. We use mascara daily. We can never imagine our life without mascara. They change our look entirely if we want to create a full-on glam look or every day make up look mascara is a must thing we can say it is one of the most essential parts of our makeup because we all love long lashes but have you ever wondered the history of mascara?

Where did it Start?

Where did all this great invention start? And what’s the story behind it? It all began in ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, from 3500 B.C. to 2500, B.C Egyptian played a large role in the rich history of mascara. Egyptian men and women used mascara to style their lashes. They used kohl and different ointments t to darken their lashes. Women used burnt cork and coal to darken their eyelashes from 753 BC to 476AD.

The Victorian era started this practice, and it began to gain widespread popularity. It was a beautiful era when cosmetics first came into use, although many homemade substances and elixirs were general. Mr. Eugene Rimmel was the first-ever mascara was formulated. He was an important perfumer to Queen Victoria. The formula of that mascara was petroleum jelly and coal dust. This invention became quite a sensation. Even though different choices were available, numerous ladies were all the while trying to make their formula. A young woman named Mabel Williams in 1915, “Lash-Brow-Ine” “this formula was made up of petroleum jelly and different oils to provide sheen.

She inspired her entrepreneur brother Thomas William to package and sell the formula. Eventually, it became their trademark none other than “Maybelline.” Within a decade, they became very famous because of their mascara’s formula. Later on, in the 1940s to1950’s, waterproof mascara formulas were introduced and became very popular among everyone.

Mascara in a Tube.

It was a revolution in the history of mascaras; then, in 1958, a makeup brand named “Revlon “introduced the world’s first mascara package that was in a tube with a spiral-tip wand. These mascaras became very popular, and everyone loved them because they were easy to apply and was long-lasting, but the mascaras formulas didn’t stop. As time passed, different formulas came, and even mascaras with different colors came.

In 1960 the famous makeup brand Revlon introduced mascara, but it wasn’t ordinary mascara. They invented the world’s first colorful mascara with its “Brush on Mascara.” These mascaras came in hues like dark green and mauve. At that time, dramatic long and slightly-spidery lashes were very in, and gave lower lashes were given a lot of attention more than before. In 1917, Maybelline water-based mascara named “Great lash” hit the stores and became a hit. Then in the 2000s, whatever –kind –you –wanted lashes became a common trend.

The beauty of lashes today is you can style them the way you want. There are tons of mascaras with different formulas and purposes. You can always choose the one you want. Well, mascara certainly does have a long and rich history.

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